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HEFI Istanbul Home Electronics, White Appliances Major and Supliers Fair will be organized between 20-23 June in Turkey.

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HEFI Istanbul Home Electronics, White Appliances Major and Supliers Fair will be organized between 20-23 June in Turkey.

ATIS FAIR A.Ş Chairman of  the Board Bilgin AYGUL gave detailed information about HEFI Istanbul Home Electronics, White Appliances Major and Supliers Fair which will be organized in Turkey between 20-23 June

As Turkey is very important actor in white appliances major and sub-industry , brown goods consumers sector and is the first in Europe ,the second after China in the world. to evaluate beter this advantage, between 20-23 June 2018, we are organizing 1st HEFI Istanbul Home Electronics, White Appliances Major and Sub-industry Fair, which we plan to organize every year. HEFI will be organized in the halls 9 and 10 of Istanbul Exhibition Center.

We organized pionering fair in April 2010, in the same fair area, under the name DOMOTECHNIKA- Istanbul in joint venture with our old company and Kolnmesse

This fair was arranged in the area of 7.600 m2 and reached 20% foreign exhibitors and 21% foreign visitor figures .

Our team is conducting a time representation in Turkey close to 20 years, IFA-Berlin Homtech Cologne, Homtec Berlin and Domotechnika observations made with such fairs as the leading trade fair description, has demonstrated that they provide German industry producers how to evaluate and active participation. In this context, it is important that a brand fair planned in our country is supported by our big producers.

We are making actual again HEFI Fair with all management and marketing team that organized fair in 2010 will be exhibiting Atis Fair which is under the same roof now.

The observations we made over the years reveal the development of the industry. a "Brand Fair" related to the sector we wish to continue in our country.Arcelik is main sponsorfor our fair and supported by Ministry of economy,TOBB; KOSGEB,TET,TURKBESD and BEYSAD. We aim to succesfull fair with our all supporter shareholder.

Also, We made fairs in more than 40 countries, mainly Iran,Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan ,Eygpt, we organized trade delegations and procurement committee. We had been represented 6 years of fairs in China and we realized national participationof the white goods fair organization in Tehran, Iran

Istanbul’s city fairgrounds, airports and accommodation infrastructure now exceed world standards.visitors will be provided from these countries will add plus value to be our export.

Significant developments were experienced with collaborate in the field of marketing and promotional SUBCONTURKEY and DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL magazine.

White Appliances,small home appliances,heating and cooling systems,home control system producers, white appliance sub-industry producers,electronic household appliances and sub-industry, design,r&d,after sales services companies and media companies will be participated our fair.

Within the scope of the "Professional Visitors" activities carried out domestically and abroad, capital groups, importers, wholesalers and masters within the system are recruited for the main industry in gentlemen, neighbors and neighboring countries. Companies in all countries where production has developed, mainly in South america, Europe, Africa, Turki republics, Russia and middle eastern countires, were invited for suppliers.

In addition to these studies, TET initiative and the "Buyer Mission" organization started with T.C. Ministry of Economy Support. In addition, potential customers are invited to the organization and people in the direction of various participants' suggestions.

We aim this fair will be  ‘’International Sector Meeting’’  in larger area in the upcoming years.



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