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Arma Fixing Systems to Participate in HEFI 2018

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Arma Fixing Systems to Participate in HEFI 2018

During HEFI, Arma Fixing Systems will meet the white goods sector, which constitutes 30 % of its total turnover. Manufacturing fasteners mainly for the furnace group besides other product groups, Arma Fixing Systems will have the opportunity to introduce its products regarding the white goods sector. Arma Fixing Systems authorities Dinçer Adıgüzel and Murat Dikel have shared their views about HEFI and their recent investments.

Could you inform us about the corporate identity of Arma Fixing Systems?

Murat Dikel: Arma Fixing Systems operates in 7.000 meter squares of indoor area at its building in Hadımköy/Istanbul. We produce metal fixing systems mainly for the sectors of automotive and white goods, along with various sectors such as machinery, agriculture, heating, ventilation, climatization and electric. Our product range includes rubber fixing clamps, hose clamps, pipe clamps, metal fixing clips, metal brackets and components and other customer-specific metal fittings. We have the team of 95 employees, 17 of which are white-collars. Having the ISO/TS 16949 quality management system certificate, our company will complete its transfer to the IATF:16949 certificate this year. In addition, we conduct our works for creating the infrastructure of the certificates of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001; and we plan to receive these certificates in 2018.

You will participate in HEFI. What is the aim of your participation? What do you expect from the exhibition?

Murat Dikel: HEFI is the exhibition that will eliminate a significant deficit in the white goods sector, which is one of the sectors we operate in. Globally, there is not an exhibition in the white goods sector specializing in the manufacturing industry worldwide. We believe that thanks to the participation of the key industry, the support of BESYAD, of which we are a member, and your contribution, this exhibition will be beneficial; therefore we attach great importance to the exhibition. This is the first time that we will participate in an exhibition only with our products manufactured for the white goods sector; thus, we will get the opportunity to introduce our products to the potential key and subsidiary industry customers. The fact that small house appliances sector will participate in the exhibition and we will have the chance to meet sales authorities coming from abroad increases the importance of this exhibition one more time.

Could you evaluate the importance of the exhibition for the sector?

Murat Dikel: We think the exhibition is very important, because it will meet the key industry and subsidiary industry. The key industry companies will have the chance to present their future projects and latest technologies to the professional visitors. In addition, the subsidiary industry companies will get the opportunity to introduce their recently developed products to the other key industries. When viewed from this aspect, we think the exhibition will be very beneficial.

Arma Invests in Plastic Piece Production

What are your goals for the upcoming period?

Dinçer Adıgüzel: I would like to express that we added one more leader white goods key industry company to our customer portfolio last month. For the relevant company, we will start conducting a Project for connector springs that are used in the furnace group and imported. Thereafter, we will conduct R & D, efficiency and domestic production Works for all other groups, mainly for the washing machines and dishwashers.

Our company has been producing metal fasteners since it was established; however, we started carrying out a Project for manufacturing plastic pieces in accordance with the demands of the customers last year. In this direction, our first plastic injection machine will take place in our production line in June. We plan manufacturing plastic pieces for both the white goods sector and the automotive sector. Our investments in the related production will continue in 2018 and 2019 at full speed.


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